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For many years there was an unwritten misunderstanding that the use of sex toys were mainly just for the ladies, and if that was true, well it’s certainly not now as male toys are huge in the self pleasuring market.

Probably one of the simplest sex male toys is the cock ring, this is a very simple device that is made of plastic or leather or even some metals, dependent on what suits you the best. The ring is passed down the shaft to the base, where it can be positioned or most men prefer to have it placed behind the ball sac, both have advantages and disadvantages. The cock ring allows the blood to flow into the penis as usual, but the ring restricts the blood from going back. Thus the penis can keep a strong and hard erection for longer and is assumed to improve the potency and the ejaculation during the masturbation.

Some of the cock rings are made to vibrate as the penis is erect, thus not only your hand but the cock ring itself is vibrating the penis. Some people like to use several cock rings at the same time, and those who have male toys experience will position the cock rings at different places down the shaft, each ring a little smaller than the one before.

A vibrating cock ring can be adjustable too, so the one ring can be moved along the shaft during masturbation, bringing the whole of the penis alive with tingling sensations, all leading to the final climax all caused by a male toy, a simple male toy at that.

It is safe, but also it’s important that the cock ring is not too small or tightened too much on the shaft that causes pain or discomfort, as an ill fitting cock ring can cause small damaged to the shaft if used incorrectly. So take the time to pick the product from the online stores that will rock your boat, and make sure you fit them correctly too, no need to suffer in the pursuit of pleasure.

Cock rings can have grooves, multi speeds, fixed or stretchy, with or without batteries all leading to a great erection, and remember not only can you use it for solo fun sex, there is no problem at all have cock rings fitted during real sexual intercourse, not only satisfying you but also giving your sex partner a very rigid cock that lasts longer inside before climax. Again the male toys of your choice will bring you a firm penis throughout the love making.

But be fair to yourself and the sex partner and ensure that you use enough lube to make the session enjoyable and less painful. The cock rings can get tight, so the lube not only protects the partner but yourself too, and no need to stop the fun just because you have bruised the penis, because lack of lube. It’s so basic a rule when enjoying any male toys.

Find more info - http://dannyfuntoys.com/
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