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6 Things to Know About Having a Red-Haired Baby

6 Things to Know About Having a Red-Haired Baby

Almost 17 months ago, my husband and I hit the parenting jackpot.We got a red-headed baby.From the first moments of her life, nurses and friends alike were asking, “Does it look like she has a bit of red in her hair?”And as she got older, her hair just got more and more obviously red.Neither my husband nor I have red hair, so we weren’t ready for what life would be like with a red-headed baby.Here’s a few insider tips, in case you have one too:#1: People will comment on it constantlyIt’s a little like taking a celebrity out with you, sometimes. Total strangers stop us in the grocery store or on the sidewalk, exclaiming over her hair. #2: Sun protection isn't something you mess around withAlong with that brilliant hair you usually get some pretty fair skin too. Any time in the sun requires a hat and often a quick douse of sunscreen too. I don’t want her skin matching her hair! #3: The stereotype about red heads and fiery tempers? In the case of our child, at least, there is a bit of truth to it. She’s generally a very sweet and pleasant child, but if she’s crossed? She’ll let you know she is UNHAPPY. #4: If you aren't a red-head, people will always ask where it came fromMy husband’s sister had beautiful red hair, and I have several cousins with red hair, but since neither of us is a red-head, this question comes up almost every time someone notes her hair color. #5: It's a little harder to dress a red-headMy older daughter is blonde and most things look good on her. Red hair and fair skin is a little more tricky, but when something looks good on her,baby clothes, it looks fantastic!#6: You will NEVER get tired of that red hair. On a daily basis, I find myself marveling over how BEAUTIFUL that hair is. The number of photos of those little curls I have on my phone would blow your mind.
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