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JR-ET505 Fit In-Ear Stereo Bass Headphones
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The technology of mobile phones keeps in the continuous progress and development, but there are many classic details gradually away from us, such as the common 3.5mm interface before. Whether iPhone users or Android users on this matter of canceling the 3.5mm interface have been dissatisfied, but there is no way instead. 3.5mm interface cancellation not only affects the convenience of the user, but also on the headset sound quality is a big blow. At present, I recommend a launched by Cell Phone Age com and specially designed for the iPhone lightning connector headset - JR-ET505 stereo bass headphone.

We all know that although the lightning and Type-C interface output signal is a digital signal, compared to the 3.5mm interface analog signal, the quality is higher. But most of the current high-end headphones will not provide lightning or type-c interface, which makes us have to transfer through a digital interface to the analog signal conversion. We generally use directly from the headset manufacturers Adapter, even if the company like Apple, with the lightning to 3.5mm connector quality is already quite good. But helpless in the cost of control, for the sound quality is still a greater loss. This for some users, who have higher request in music quality, is a great regret.

Let us take a look at this completely for the iPhone series design headphones in the sound quality performance. How exactly is it, first dJR-ET505 infrared headphones through the MFi certified products, the certification itself is recognition of the product itself, after all, Apple for their own equipment and peripheral products has strict requirements. If quality is poor, it can’t be audited.

Headset with gift box packaging, positive for the product display, you can let users see this is a lightning interface headset products, the upper left corner for the brand logo, packaging design is very simple, quite the taste of Apple equipment. Outside the packaging is the back of the red background, with the positive white contrast in sharp contrast. Using the text of the product features and parameters is for a detailed introduction. You can see the headphone impedance of 16 ohms, the sensitivity of 94dB (± 3), a single parameter is pretty good. It is suitable for mobile phone push, but the headset parameters are not too reference value, after all, the manufacturer's debugging is the most critical part.

The most "unique part of the whole headphones" is its wire, because the signal transmitted through the lightning is still a digital signal, you need to solve the chip to complete the digital ? analog signal conversion, so how to minimize the details of the case The completion of the signal conversion is a very test of the technical strength of the part of the manufacturers. JR-ET505 in this area has a very strong strength. This is also the headset product line control part of the line seems to be much larger than the traditional reasons.

Headphones in the details of the performance is also satisfactory, such as the distinction between the left and right ears, both with the character logo, while the right ear bud is also designed a small raised particles, so that users can quickly distinguish even if in darkness. In addition, through the internal circuit optimization, when JR-ET505 Fit In-Ear Headphones in the connection with the phone there is no POP sound that iPhone original ink earphones are prone to (after headphone just starts to work, the channel DC level jump Of the noise.) Various details of the treatment performance are still very satisfied.

Cell Phone Age com also introduced several built-in decoder chip lightning to 3.5mm devices, the main HiFi sound quality, for the user at home many 3.5mm connector in the high-end headset to provide a solution, later I will bring a detailed evaluation experience.

Since this is a dedicated iPhone headset, so finally chosen the iPhone for testing. Of course you can also use some devices that support HiFi quality music for testing. But this is their favorite place. Take some professional HiFi device to test, although the headphones can have a better distinction, but for the average user's reference value is not large. After all, the vast majority of users are now choosing to use the mobile phone as their own playback device.

Listening to a few rounds down, choose a variety of different styles of music, the greatest impression this headset gives me is a powerful resolution. The background is clearer, pure, resolution is much better than some same price headphones. On aspect of low-frequency the overall is fairly good, layered sense is strong, flexible law-abiding. Listen to "California hotel" this kind of music is very comfortable, low-frequency drums are quite praised, but also on dive strength it’s lock of. For some heavy rock music the performance is difficult, such as the Nightwish "She Is My Sin". High-frequency performance is also more satisfactory, the detail of the overall performance is fairly rich, the ductility may be weaker, but in the same price it has been regarded as very good. But after all, headphones have not burn open. After that believes the high frequency will be better performance.

As a new brand, dare to launch the product under 20 USD it is a symbol of courage and strength. And JR-ET505 Fit In-Ear stereo bass headphone didn’t let us down. With excellent resolution, a very clear sense of hierarchy and IF performance, it is very suitable for listening to vocal and pop music.
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