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In contrast, this is my starter Pokemon, Charmander. I haven’t power him up Buy Pokemon Go Account at all mainly because it would take way too much stardust and candies to at any time get his CP just like one I can catch from the wild right now. So instead be transferred to the professor and turned into candy eventually he’ll.
In relation to common Pokemon like Pidgeys, Zubats, Spearows and Rattatas (and Doduos for me), if you have hundreds of candy, proceed to evolve some of them.

You are given by it some good experience points, if you activate a Lucky Egg before evolving them all especially. But I suggest you don’t waste any stardust on them strongly. They’re not more than worth it (sorry, but they aren’t really. )

Powering up and evolving Pokémon requires in-game resources known as Candy and Stardust. Stardust is a shared useful resource you receive for each Pokémon anyone catch, for storing Pokémon at Gyms and up leveling, while Sweets is an item specific compared to that species - so Pikachu Candy, Pidgey Candy etc .. We've assembled some rapid tips on how to get Candy throughout Pokémon Go here, plus how to get Stardust easily to strengthen your Pokémon. http://www.vippokemongo.com/
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